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Port forwarding BEFSR41 v3 isn't working
I don't know if im posting this in the right section or not, so feel free to move this topic.
I remember i found a tutorial on on how to forward your ports so you can make Steam servers that people can join. A long time ago i did that tutorial, and I successfully forwarded the ports and I could make CS servers on the internet. Just a couple months ago, I closed my ports again, I dont remember why I did it though. Now I want to open my ports back up again, but im having alot of trouble this time. The tutorial I used which help me do was just to portforward steam, it was on, but I think they removed it. Now I cant find that exact tutorial that I used before, but I found one for counter strike (which is the game im trying to make a server in).
I tried that, and it didnt make my server go on the master list. Then i saw this tutoral on how to port forward steam servers.
Now, I still cant connect to the server. What am I doing wrong? Am I using the wrong tutorials for what I'm supposed to be doing?

Sorry if I said alot of stupid things, in the request, but im not good at port forwarding. any help would be great, thank's alot for reading guys.

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XFIRE - irascibl3
1. go to


2. type "admin" for password. there's no username.

3. go to "Application & Gaming" tab.

4. you can open ports there.

5. Save Settings.

6. you will lose internet connection for a few seconds.

7. you are done.

8. if opening short port range doesn't fix the problem, try opening 27000 to 29000 and see if that fixes the problem.
I just tried it again and it's still giving me problems. I went to create game and it still didn't put my server over the internet.
What type of modem do you have? Do you know anything about DHCP and mac addresses?
should i post a screenshot of my "applications and gaming" section of my router? i might not be opening the ports right.
If you would like, go ahead.
[Image: 20r1tvq.jpg]
Well that looks like it should......I have the same router too.. Theyre not very nice.
irascib1e Wrote:[Image: 20r1tvq.jpg]

that should work!!!
and you didn't have to cover up the ip address because that's just your internal ip address...
In my case I had to forward ports in both the router and modem for my server to work properly. Im not sayin this is the fix for you but its always a possibility.
lol sorry about that, i was just being on the safe side.

but yeah, it dosent work. i made a server and joined it, then my friend tried to join it through the friend's list on steam and he said he couldent connect. :/. Sad

So does anybody have any suggestions on why this isnt working?
Well in order to try my method you are going to need to go into your modems configuration page and find the DHCP clients table and find the IP assigned to your router by DHCP. its not either thats the device ip.
sv_lan 0 ??
Ill have the same problem but what ports should I open?

Edit: sry that ill hijack your treat
Edit2: ill have css. Ports?

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