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server is studdering
I have a P4 2.0ghz, 1gb ram, 40gb 7200rpm hard drive. It is running a fresh install of Win XP pro SP2 with latest patches installed. I just installed srcds I am running the calcss.cfg. Internet connection is a T-1. My server studders. I am just running along and the game freezes for just a split second. Then it continues. It dose it even with only one person in the server.

Things I have tried.
-Installing Windows Server 2003 didn't fix it, so I moved back to XP pro

-Did the tweaks in this guide, still does it.

-changed my maxupdate rate, still does it.

-tried boosting the server, still does it.

Have any ideas as to what could be the problem? I have reinstalled the OS an Srcds 3 times now.
Playing on the same box as your server??? If so thats why..


no I am not. I have had this server running before just fine. Then I updated. It started to studder. So downloaded the entire srcds again. Still studders. So then I did all the above.

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