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Several things.
First off, I just wanted to thank the administrators of this site, it rocks, very helpful. I've had my server up several weeks now.

Recently I moved everything to a new computer that is much better. When I transfered my HL2MP files (I run a hldm server) it all seemed to work. However, when I run some levels, random objects don't load.

For instance, on dm_crossfire_re, a combine control panel doesnt load. This same panel loads on other maps. Some sounds also fail to play when you trigger them (I.E. Alarms).

Textures also seem to not load on dm_dam-beta2, most metalic objects have the missing texture purple and black plastered over thier normal textures. I can see the normal textures under it but the metal shine seems to be missing.

I'm not missing any files that I know of, I see the "error! failed to load such and such" message and I can trace the file to the root directory and it seems to be there. I've also tried reinstalling the maps that seem to have errors but to no avail.

Anyone know what the hell is going on? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Sad
Re-run the hldsupdatetool
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I have, and it checks everything and says ok.

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