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banip from console (tried search, doesnt work)
I used banip #.#.#.# 0 from console and now I don't know where to remove the IP. I have mani admin mod but that command is ma_banip, not banip. What can I do to unban this person?

p.s. no flamebait, i tried to use the search feature but it won't search, just shows a blank page.
Yea i hear ya, that search.php doesnt work... I think someone should fix it! =)
Go into either banned_ip.cfg or banned_user.cfg in the cfg folder. Or inside the mani_admin_plugin (resides in cfg also) there is autokick_ip.txt, autokick_name.txt, autokick_pname.txt, and autokick_steam.txt. But using banip it should be in banned_ip.cfg.

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