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end of map vote not working
I have installed mani_admin_plugin_v1_1_0zi_cssource, i set all the voting crap (use mapcycle.txt), when it gets to voting time, the menu comes up and has two options: 1 is blank and then below that is 0 exit, no matter what you pick the map will just reload the same level over and over again unless i just go into mani menu and manually change it (that works fine). I have mapcycle.txt in /cstrike and its got a list of 18 maps in it. I had someone that already has mani on there server set all the voting stuff properly from the default mani config and then i put that on my server and loaded it up, same problem. Any ideas?

im running srcds on a linux box

I played with the bots for a bit and the map vote worked once, changed the level, and then when the next vote came around, same problem.

if i type vote map heres what happens:
votes needed to change map
choose map to vote for
1 Extend map [0]
0 Exit

you need to add maps to votemap file as well.
votemap.txt ? where should this file go?

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