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Map differs from server error
I have a redhat based counter-strike source server.

I have the server set up using the sv_downloadurl feature in server.cfg. Everything with that is working fine, my problem is when someone joins the game and they dont have the map that is being played, the download it, and then get an error saying that their map differs from the server. I had them connect to other servers to see if the downloaded map (from the website in downloadurl) works, and it always works fine. This told me there is something up with my server.

I noticed that i am having this issue with any map over 18megs is size, even militia which is a default valve map. if i delete the map from the server and re-upload it, it works for a while, then the same problem comes back.

I hope I provided enough information!

any help you guys could offer would be great!


There is someone else having this same problem I just noticed.

we are actually with the same providers
Do you have a bandwidth limit that is being exceeded? Also if you webserver is linux, it might be a chmod (file permissions) problem. Just some ideas.
even if i take the webserver for sv_downloadurl out of the equation, I get the same problem unfortunatly.
I have heard of lots of people havin this same exact friend whom i helped start his own server has his hosted at a data center and it happens on his server too. When i hosted my own server from my house I never had that problem. Im going to talk to him for ya tho and see if he knows a fix.....
hexitnow, that would be great! I should also not it is on an amd machine running fedora core 2.
Tried redownloading the hldsupdatetool.bin?
yes, several times actually

i think it may be an issue with steam and amd+linux
No I dont think its that as I had more then one server and I also had one running under linux and had an amd processor. Im willing to bet it's your provider. I have't talked to my friend yet but when I get a chance I'm also going to ask him who his provider is. Have you ever thought about running a server off a pc at your house?

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