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Server Not showing
When I make a server it dosent show up I turn sv_lan to 0 but still dosent show up a freind said somthing about port forwarding it but im still confused any help would be great.
Well what kind of router do you have, or is your modem hardwired straight into your comp? This site tells what ports need to be forwarded. Remember you have to use the internal IP of the machine the box is running from. This site states what ports need to be opened for proper operation of a dedicated source server.

This site will help you if you need help on portforwarding.
wow omg thats so confuseing..
thanks though
You know it is quite confusing at first. But once u get the hang of it its easier then reformatting a HDD and reinstalling XP. It comes natural when u get the hang of it. All it takes is time and dedication.

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