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[FOR HIRE] Server Tech
We are looking for a Server Tech. Your job will be basic and easy. You will need to go through and make sure All the Server Are Optimized to the highest performance .

Servers i Run are
• Win
• Dual 3.0Ghz Xeon
• 2 X 250GB SATA
• RAID 1
• 1 TB Data Transfer /100 bit connection

• Win
• Dual opteron 265 Dull Core
• 2 X 250GB SATA
• RAID 0
• 1 TB Data Transfer /100 bit connection

Payment: $100 via paypal – paid after work is completed

Thanks for your time, and I hope to hear something very soon.

Keith Mansfield
Steam Powered Servers
MSN/E-Mail: | AIM: MasterEligh85 |Phone |(662) 570-4208 |

4 the job is it only css or other games i can install preaty mutch any mod from metamod to mani through to es_tools and eventscripts. had experiance with srcds 4 about a year i run 2 servers a cod2 server and a css server 4 my clan

would be happy to work 4 u


added u on msn
I can take care of all of the technical aspects of steam game servers as well as other games servers. Just name any game and I can set it up perfectly. As you can see, I already have my own game hosting company. But don't worry. Game hosting is just my hobby and I already have enough long term dedicated customers, we won't be competing in anyway and I will do my best to help your business successful.

If you want to come test some of my highly optimized servers on windows, contact me on msn.

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