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Stupid Sv_consistancy.
Well I wanted to create a dedicated server and so I made one but then when I tried to join the server It wouldent let me because of some gun skin mods I have. How do I make a thing in the cfg that says sv_consistancy 0??? I just don't know were the cfg file is.
it is server.cfg in the cfg folder. did u initially create a server.cfg when you first downloaded your server.
Download my server what do you mean by download?
Nevermind I found out that I have to open ports for it to work but aperently I can't open ports. oh well
opening ports has nothing to do with changing sv_consistency. Once you open the server u can use the command sv_consistency 0 so u can use custom weapon skins. Also i can tell you didnt download the standalone version. I highly recommend not using the steam dedicated server as its very buggs, crashes constantly, a resource hog, and just plain sux. Its not bad for LAN but it still isnt good. click the tutorials link on the top to see how to download the standalone dedicated server. Also howcome u cant open the ports for the server?
lol this website is really all about standalone srcds dedicated servers
Yeah really. +1 to that exaxxion. Many forum members will tell you NOT to use the steam dedicated server.
I don't see the tutorial at the top that tels me how to download a standalone server.
Click here for srcds tutorial

If you still can't figure out how to download standalone game servers click here and open a ticket on my game hosting company website and I'll help you personally.
lol so you cant join about the server skin ?? dude just
tell him to do sv_pure 1 (who made the server )
This thread is almost 2 years old....and it's sv_pure 0 Wink
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