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screen problems
I set up all of the server and made the script as shown in the guide on this site. i accidently ran the script twice and now i dont know how to stop one of them running. how can i access the screens to ctrl-c the server and stop it? i know i could reboot the box but i dont really want to do that as the last time i did it never came back up and its along way away Toungue

anyway if anyone can help with using screen that would be great

thanks Smile
just type "screen -r" and it will show you all the screens you have going. to re-attach to one use then name you used with the -S or just attach to the process id which is the first number so "screen -r 2345" or whatever the number is.
it says thre is no screen to be resumed
I do run mine with the screen option, but dont know how to access it. What I do is
$ps -x
That should list all the processes the user running srcds has running with numbers before them. Then i do this to stop one of the screen processes.
$kill 12345
Where 12345 is one of the screen instances running. Then do ps -x again to see what stopped.
thanks, did that and it worked Smile

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