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srcds.exe not starting from new DL
I have just downloaded a new source dedicated server from the link on the steam website. I downloaded the hl2mp files. I made sure there was a server.cfg file in the cfg folder. When I try to start the server I use a batch file with this in it
cd c:\HL2Server
start /high c:\HL2Server\srcds.exe -game hl2dm -port 27015 -ip xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx +maxplayers 9

per the steam directions.

Also I have tried to just double click on the srcds.exe icon to start it in gui mode, but either way I do it, it will just return to the desktop and nothing will happen. If anyone has any suggestions to this I would appreciate it.
Double clicking the .exe will do nothing as you have found out. Here try this to see if it's the batch file. Type this in the run prompt

c:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +map de_dust -maxplayers 16 -autoupdate

If you have it in a different directory then change the srcds to the needed folder.
No that did not work, however I did not download counterstrike (wouldn't I have to update using the cstrike option to be able to run the command you told me?) I only downloaded the hl2dm. Either way when I typed what you told me to type I didnt get anything again. It is like the exe is erroring out immediately or there is some part of the downlaod or some file I dont have which is preventing it from initializing at all. Thanks for your help btw.
No problem.

c:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game hl2mp +map dm_runoff -maxplayers 16.

Try that command line to see if that helps. It is also quite possible one of the files corrupted in the transfer to your computer as this happens more then you would think. Try the command line and post back and well get you squared away.
Awesome that worked, so I dont need to put my ip in the command line or anything like that? Also in reading the forums there is a server mod does that facilitate in the ability to switch maps and things like that?
I think you might be wondering about mani admin mod. But if you set up your server.cfg right then it iwll change after X rounds or after X kills. Mani admin does the same thing but there SO many helpful features. You wont need to put the -ip command line in. Although if you use rcon and you start having problems with then you will need to. Any more questions feel free to ask Smile

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