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Modem Question
Hey all,

I'm sure none of you have read my previous posts regarding not being able to host outside my own network, but recently I found the cause was due to my modem having a built-in router. Obviously that's a networking nightmare right there since I'm already using another router, so I've decided I might as well get a new modem...

First I would just like to know how cheap/expensive they run, and if there's any particular brands I should get or avoid. I'll more than likely be shopping at a Best Buy unless they don't carry what I need, I haven't looked into that part much yet.

Second and finally, do I need any special setup for a new modem? My current one was supplied by my ISP when I got a new DSL line, however I'm not sure if there's going to be any incompatibilities or other issues upon installation.

Thank you very much for this not very SRCDS related question! The forums here have been a great resource. Big Grin
I would try putting your modem into "Bridge Mode" before buying a new one. If you connect the modem directly to your PC and log into it's web config, it should be an option in there. In "Bridge Mode" the modem's NAT/firewall features will be disabled and your router can handle the internet connection directly.
Thanks, I'll try that out now.
how did that go?

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