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A php control panel?
Companies have them, is there a free one? I wan't to rcon my server through a web browser sometimes. HLSW works, but I can't always use it. (Depending on where I am)
have you tried they are currently free for users willing to test.
not a bad game panel but it's way too user friendly (not saying it's a bad thing)
I want to host it myself, that looks like crap, don't you have to pay? Sounds stupid to me, if there's tons of free forums, admin mods, and stuff, why isn't there a conrol panel?

I've tried myself with php in running a batch file to start the server, but it doesn't work. Also, what methods are they using to input commands into the server console? How do you use the rcon protocol? It's been done with programs like HLSW, what kind of connections do you send to the server to use rcon? I'll make my own if I can figure out how. If anyone wants to post information it would help. I'll start looking for control panels and/or ways to make my own. I know a little php.

I have programing experience and that page still looking like mostly gibberish to me. I have been trying to figure it out for a while to make my own control panel.

The reason decent control panels cost money is because lots of GSPs are using them. If you're running a GSP, you'll be bringing in money, so you can, or should, be able to afford the amount they are charging per month. If you're a casual, at-home user, you don't really need a web-based control panel. If you ever look into other hosting related panels (billing, trouble tickets, etc), most of the decent, usable ones cost money too.
I have found this code for querying the server (it only gets hostname, map, game, and version) , and with my little php knowledge, I need it simpler. If anyone knows how to get this down to the root of what it does, please help:

if (substr_count($_GET['address'], ":") >= "1")
$cut = explode(":", $_GET['address']);
$HL2_address = $cut[0];
$HL2_port = $cut[1];

echo("No port specified, assuming the default 27015:");
$HL2_address = $_GET['address'];
$HL2_port = "27015";

$HL2_command = "\377\377\377\377TSource Engine Query\0";
$HL2_socket = fsockopen("udp://".$HL2_address, $HL2_port, $errno, $errstr);
fwrite($HL2_socket, $HL2_command); $JunkHead = fread($HL2_socket,4);
$CheckStatus = socket_get_status($HL2_socket);

if($CheckStatus["unread_bytes"] == 0)
die("Unable to connect to the server, ensure the IP and port is correct and that the server is running.");

$do = 1;
$str = fread($HL2_socket,1);
$HL2_stats.= $str;
$status = socket_get_status($HL2_socket);

if($status["unread_bytes"] == 0)
$do = 0;
$x = 0;

while ($x <= strlen($HL2_stats))
print substr($HL2_stats, $x, 1);
gameadmin is free and once it releases it will be free for 2 servers per login. i did have a link to a php based one but can't find it right now. it was several years old and hadn't been updated in a while. all the rest have to be licensed.

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