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Updating problems
I cannot for the life of me get my server to update.

I have followed all of the previous steps from the tutorials and nothing works. I have tried creating a new account and I can't even get that to work. could someone show me exactly what to type into the cmd promt to update and to create a new account if mine doen't work


hldsupdatetool -update "counter-strike source" myusername mypassword

that was the only thing I entered that didn't give me the create or update instructions. It gave me a winsock error 0 "no error"

I have even tried my update bat file which I have used in the past and it woun't ever work for me.
do a search and delete the file clientregistry.blob
Try this..

hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir c:\cssource -username xxxxx -password yyyyy -remember_password –retry

Could also be because of the number of people and server getting the released update.

[do a search and delete the file clientregistry.blob]

I had the same problem and delete clientregistry.blob solved it

thx phantom
thanks guys, I got it going before I got back here to check. I ran it for a few minutes on my other computer and copied the files over, then ran it again to update. next time I will just delete the clientregistry.blob

this is all you need in the command line if anyone else wants to know

hldsupdatetool -update "counter-strike source" c:\srcds myusername mypassword

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