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I`m new and I have this questions for the experts.
Hi there, as you see I`m new in this forum and I really want to know 4 things:

1st: I have a dedicate Amd 64Bits 3500Mhz, 2GB RAM, 160GB SATA and 10MBS server and I want to know how many 16 slots, tick rate 66 servers could enter in the main server?

2nd: Where or how can I get a GamePanel mainly with Restart feature, other features are optional. Preferebly without pay or very cheap or paying. In that order please.

3rd: How can I get the all servers runing at the same time and smoothly?

4th: How can I make a FTP client for each one?

Thanks for the time and neurons lost trying to respond to my questions that can seem quite noob.

Sincerily yours, Romeo.

PD:Sorry my English, im spanish. Sad
ok you are staring to piss me off here. I spent my time answering your questions step by step in "General srcds" forum. If you are going to ask for help and expect somebody to waste their freaking time to help you out, don't double post. If somebody reads this post first and waste their time on answering questions that's already been answered, you are comitting a crime. Plus, I know for sure that you've posted this question on other websites as well. Don't live like this wasting other people's time just for your small needs.
i found the answers here:

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