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Im new, and Ive got these questions for experts.
Hi there, as you see I`m new in this forum and I really want to know 4 things:

1st: I have a dedicate Amd 64Bits 3500Mhz, 2GB RAM, 160GB SATA and 10MBS server and I want to know how many 16 slots, tick rate 66 servers could enter in the main server?

2nd: Where or how can I get a GamePanel mainly with Restart feature, other features are optional. Preferebly without pay or very cheap or paying. In that order please.

3rd: How can I get the all servers runing at the same time and smoothly?

4th: How can I make a FTP client for each one?

Thanks for the time and neurons lost trying to respond to my questions that can seem quite noob.

Sincerily yours, Romeo.

PD:Sorry my English, im spanish. Sad
For FTP, would you be running this on Linux or on Windows?
I will be runing the server on Windows 2003 Standard Edition

Your sincerely, Romeo.
I'll give quick answers to your questions

1. Click here for bandwidth calculation. I'm not sure how fast your internet connection is but you will need at least 160KB/s or 1.28Mbps to run a full 16 slot css server running at 66 tickrate. Now you can use less internet connection speed per server by either limiting the cvar values such as sv_maxrate and sv_maxupdaterate. If you have 10Mbps connection, you can host more than 10 servers since not all of your servers will be filled with people 24/7. Now if you have 100Mbps connection, don't worry about the internet speed.

2. I recommend tcadmin. It works nicely on windows os and it's a perfect game panel for windows server edidtion. There's other game panels such as serverdoc and you can use it for free but you it's not as good and pretty as tcadmin. You would have to pay around $15 monthly for tcadmin master server and web server license. Click here to visit tcadmin website. Now if you don't need a game panel and just want it to be stay up 24/7, you can use a simple batch file. You can check out the tutorial on this website.

3. You don't have to worry too much about this. If you have multiple CPU processors and if you are running 32+ slot servers, you would want to set affinity to each server so that they don't cause lag on other servers when they change map.

4. Now this takes some time to explain.

I. Creating a User
a. Right click on "My Computer"
b. Click "Manage"
c. Stretch "Local Users and Groups"
d. Double Click "Users"
e. Right click on the white space and click "New User"
f. Uncheck "User must change password at next logon"
g. Check "User cannot change password"
h. Create a user

II. Creating a FTP Server
a. Click "Start" at the bottom left corner
b. Click "Run"
c. Type "inetmgr"
d. Strech all trees
e. Right Click on "FTP Sites"
e-1. Go to "New"
e-2. Click "FTP Site ..."
f. Click "Next"
g. Provide description (FTP server's name)
h. Select an IP address and specify it.
I. Specify its home directory (The highest folder in the system that can be accessible by this FTP server. Your root, C drive or D drive is the highest directory in the system)
J. After creation, right click on the FTP server.
K. Click "permission"
L. If the name of the user you want to give access to this FTP server is "reaper16", type this name into the text field.
M. Click "Check Name"
N. Confirm the permission and close the window

III. Connecting to a FTP server
a. If you have assigned as the IP address of the FTP server, you can access it by typing
into windows internet explorer or any other viewers. You can even use a FTP manager to connect to it.
Oh, thanks a lot man. You really saved my life, and thanks again. Is there any program that can run multiple servers on the same machine and manage them? Or you will have to start one by one?

One more think, how can you create a FTP account for each server? To upload maps, change server.cfg and all that things?

Thanks a lot, Romeo.

PD:eXaXXion sorry for piss you off by posting twice. But it was urgent, and I didn`t know where to post it. Sorry man. I dont want to waste nobodys time with my stupid questions. Sad
You can run multiple servers on the same machine by using multiple server files. Check the tutorial on this website and download all the steam games you want. If you use tcadmin, it creates multiple servers for you as long as you specify where the server files are located. For example, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch and Counter-Strike: Source use different server files. If you want to run both servers on the same machine, download two server files separately and put them into differnet folders.

Using my method above, create multiple users. When you right click on the FTP server and give permission, choose a different user for each FTP server. If you create users named "ABC" and "DEF" and you have FTP servers "123" and "456", right click on "123" FTP server and click permission and give permission to either "ABC" or "DEF"

You can upload maps using FTP server you create. Upload maps to maps folder (cstrike\maps and you can change cstrike to any steam game you want)

Now server.cfg, below is the sample server.cfg I use for my customers

// General Configs

// Name of the server as it appears in game browsers
hostname "[eX] CS: S hosted by"

// Remote Console Password
rcon_password "change this to whatever you want without space"

// Player connect password
// sv_password ""

// Max size in megabytes of custom.hpk spray file
// 0: unlimited
hpk_maxsize "1"

// Can clients pause the server?
pausable "0"

// Limit/Fake the server size (0~255)
// -1: maxplayers cvar
// NOTE: this can exceed 32, but that doesn't mean more players can join
// sv_visiblemaxplayers "16"

// Cheats enabled?
sv_cheats "0"

// Max number of times a user can fail rcon authentication before being banned
sv_rcon_maxfailures 5

// Number of times a user can fail rcon authentication before being banned
sv_rcon_minfailures 2

// Number of seconds to track failed rcon authentications
sv_rcon_minfailuretime 30

// Are ppl allowed to spectate?
allow_spectators "1"

// Seconds between player spraying their decals
decalfrequency "30"

// Show debuggin output
// 0: None
// 1: Normal
// 2: Extra
developer "0"

// File Locations

// Folder in-which to place the .log files
logsdir "logs"

// Configuration file for Non-Dedicated server
// lservercfgfile "listenserver.cfg"

// Configuration file to execute on every map change
mapchangecfgfile "server.cfg"

// List of maps for the server to cycle through
mapcyclefile "mapcycle.txt"

// Message of the Day. Writable in HTML as on Steam
motdfile "motd.txt"

// Configuration file for Dedicated server
servercfgfile "server.cfg"

// Multiplayer-Specific Settings

// Kick idle or disruptive players?
mp_autokick "0"

// Automatically blance the teams if they become uneven?
mp_autoteambalance "0"

// weapons don't go away when picked up
mp_weaponstay 0

// Minutes at round start to purchase weapons and such
mp_buytime "1.5"

// Seconds till c4 explodes
mp_c4timer "45"

// Seconds at map end to chat, prior to map cycling
mp_chattime "2"

// Force models to match bounding parameters?
mp_consistency "1"

// Upon death, screen fades to black?
mp_fadetoblack "0"

//C an players use their flashlight?
mp_flashlight "1"

// Does player movement create noise?
mp_footsteps "1"

// Forces players to view 1st person?
mp_forcecamera "0"

// Forces player's deathcamera to
// 0) wonder around as they please
// 1) track their team,
// 2) stay at death's location
mp_forcechasecam "0"          

// Maximum Frags per person map
mp_fragsleft "0"

// Seconds at round start when you cannot move
mp_freezetime "0"

// Friendly-fire enabled?
mp_friendlyfire "0"

// How many hostages can you kill before being ejected from the server
// NOTE: requires mp_autokick "1"
mp_hostagepenalty "5"

// Fraction of players on a team required to vote-kick a player out with ] vote ###
// mp_kickpercent "0.66"

// Maximum number of extra players on a given team for joining players
// 0: Disables
mp_limitteams "0"

// Log player-to-player attacks. Required for some server-plugins to operate correctly
// 0: none
// 1: enemy
// 2: team
// 3: 1 + 2
mp_logdetail "0"

// Create a log file? (also set by: log on)
mp_logfile "0"

// Fraction of players in the server required to vote for a new map with ] votemap ###
// mp_mapvoteratio "0.66"

// Maximum number of rounds per map
// 0: Disables
mp_maxrounds "0"

// Display target information
// 0: everyone (teammates, enemies & hostages
// 1: teammates & hostages(?)
// 2: no one
mp_playerid "0"

// Minutes per round
// Range: 1 ~ 9
mp_roundtime "3"

// Money given at game start
// Range: 800 ~ 16000
mp_startmoney "800"

// Minutes to run the map after game starts
// 0: inifite
mp_timelimit "20"

// Automatically Slay team-killers?
// NOTE: requires mp_autokick "1"
mp_tkpunish "1"

// Maximum number of wins for a given team
// 0: Disables
mp_winlimit "0"

// Movement

// Gravity
// 981: Earth standard
sv_gravity "800"

// Maximum speed a player can attain manually
sv_maxspeed "320"

// Absolute maximum speed attainable (falling etc...)
sv_maxvelocity "2000"

// Network

// Allow clients to download custom files such as maps, sprays, and sounds?
sv_allowdownload "1"

// Allow clients to upload stuff, sprays?
sv_allowupload "1"

// Download URL for custom files such as maps
// This allows clients to download files at a much faster speed
// Contact for more information on redirect hosting
// sv_downloadurl ""

// Contact information. Usually your email address or website
sv_contact ""

// (?) Minutes before connections to server timeout?
// sv_failuretime "0.5"

// Compress files before uploading them to clients when using trickle transfer?
// sv_filetransfercompression "1"

// Is this a LAN server?
sv_lan "0"

// Server ip (to avoid RCon problems)
// ip

// Maximum number of bytes per second to send to clients
sv_maxrate "15000"

// Seconds of lag to compensate for (0.5 = 500ms)
// sv_maxunlag "0.5"

// Maximum number of updates per second
sv_maxupdaterate "60"

// Minimum number of bytes per second to send to clients
sv_minrate "5000"

// Minimum number of updates per second
sv_minupdaterate "10"

// Allow HLTV proxies?
sv_proxies "0"

// Geographical location of server
// 0: US East coast
// 1: US West coast
// 2: South America
// 3: Europe
// 4: Asia
// 5: Australia
// 6: Middle East
// 7: Africa
// 255: World. Though it tends to be more like None
sv_region "1"

// Send player sprays to clients?
// sv_send_logos "1"

// Send maps, sounds, etc to clients?
// sv_send_resources "1"

// Connection timeout to players
sv_timeout "60"

// Enable lag-compensation?
// sv_unlag "0"

// Forced anti-lag?
// sv_unlagpush "0"

// Ping sample to average out in lag compensation
// sv_unlagsamples "1"

// Voice Communications

// Can everyone hear everyone?
sv_alltalk "0"

// Codec to use.
// "voice_miles"
// "voice_speex"
// sv_voicecodec "voice_speex"

//Enable voice chat?
sv_voiceenable "1"

// KB/s for voice-comms
sv_voicequality "3"

// Exec files on startup

exec banned.cfg
exec listip.cfg
Thanks a lot, man. All your informacion its quite useful and helped me a lot. I`ve bought a TcAdmin Key and the panel seems very intuitive and has many things and a friendly interface.

Thnaks a lot and sorry for weasting your time, Romeo. CYA

My contribution to your server-hosting efforts..

it's a cleaned up version of the mani configuration files for "serious" servers without quakesounds and vote-options enabled.

In my oppinion this configuration works with these settings for many servers.
One more thing please. How can you change the tickrate in TcAdmin? Because I dont have a clue!

Thanks, Romeo.
After you first log on to the admin panel,

a. Click "Gaming Services"
b. Click one the IP address of the server you want to modify
c. Click "System Settings"
d. Scroll down and you will find "Override Command Line"
e. Check the "Override Default Command Line" box
f. Write your own custom command line and just add -tickrate 33. You can change 33 to any tickrate you want. Remember that 100 tickrate is the highest it can go on source game servers.
Thanks a lot. Ive tried to make a Ftp account from the TcAdmin and it didn`t work. Do you know why? It seems a lot more easier.
reaper16 Wrote:Thanks a lot. Ive tried to make a Ftp account from the TcAdmin and it didn`t work. Do you know why? It seems a lot more easier.

You should follow my instructions first. If you are going to try it in your own way, then don't ask for help next time please. There's people like me who actually spend time trying to help others and get really pissed off when they decide to do things on their own and starting asking new questions.

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