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CS:S on srcds - LAN
Dear friends,

I like to play my CS:S on srcds (Windows version) that I have installed from
Everything works fine if it is connected to internet.

But when I disconnect my internet connection and I run this srcds server with parameter sv_lan 1 (because I want to play offline)....srcds server is running..but when I am trying to connect to this LAN server (I see it in my STEAM menu in Windows and also in my server menu directly in CS:S) I start to connect, retrieving info...but it stops during "Sending client info" process....and I cannot connect.

I also tried to use -insecure parameter on my srcds server but it is not working too.

What is wrong please. What shlould I do to make it works?

Thank you for your answers.
Well the -insecure command line is redundant if you're running a lan only server. When you run a server in lan mode, by default it is insecure. If you have internet and it works with the net on, go with wat works. Just make sure to have sv_lan 1 in the server.cfg.

I am having the same problem. If you add the sv_lan 1 to the server.cfg it will work. It will still be really slow during the Sending Client info part. I am tring to find a way to make this go faster. Any one have any ideas?
Hey all,

Check out my post here. (Under username "Lance").

Hope that helps. Big Grin
yeah I guess that helps, idk how im goin to get tons of people at a lan party to do that though.
Yeah, it's a bug Valve really needs to fix. Sad Spending upwards of 90 seconds just waiting while the loading screen is frozen (for no good reason) ain't cool at all.

I revised my previous solution (just follow the same link as above to see it in full) - it's much simpler now... No more service tweaking and so on. Toungue

Each client just needs to create/edit their lmhosts file (in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\) with notepad and add an entry for the LAN server, then reboot.

The entry takes the form: <IP of LAN Server> STEAM

For example (in my case): STEAM

on linux servers you can use samba to make a workaround for this problem
create an lmhosts file in /etc/samba (debian) with the content of
<IP of LAN Server> STEAM

than add the following code to smb.conf

path = /path/to/somedir
guest only = yes

in the [global] section of the smb.conf make sure you have
security = share

source clients looking for the netbios name steam and a share on it named cached

just need a workaround to start steam client faster Smile
Hi All!

This Problem has even one more side: When connecting to a LAN-server while Steam is in Offline Mode, the Welcome-Screen of the Server is not shown.

So I decided to look a bit deeper into the network-traffic on connection and found some interesting yet strange stuff Valve put in there.

smalla's last post is part of the solution I came up with, but its not only possible on linux.
Additionally the client is looking for a "offline_english.html" in the mentioned share.
This can be used to hold the "motd.txt" from the Servers /cstrike folder to get the Welcome-Message in offline mode.

A complete tutorial can be found here:
This is only in German up to now, but I think most of it can be figured out anyway even if you don't speak german. Maybe I'll translate it sometime...

Hope this is helpful to some people.


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