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Does Steams Dedicated Server work good? how long is it supposed to take to download it and how many mb? also is there a website that i could get the files from?
Well the steam dedicated server only takes a few mins considering you have 90 percent of the files on your pc, or more. Although do not run the steam dedicated server, its very buggy, laggy, and a huge resource hog. Go with the standalone dedicated server. Read the tutorials section off this site to see a step by step.
He's right, use the seperate one. Download the hlds update tool and read the read-me. You'll have to download about 1.5-4 hours of stuff.
srcds ~ 1 gb
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where do i install all this stuff to? steam apps or valve(there is nothing in the valve folder)
lol ok make a file in C:/ called srcds so it shuld be C:/srcds than go to start/run and type in cmd and clik ok (do all this after you downloaded this hldsupdatetool)
then type cd.. and press enter and do that once more and the type cd/srcds and the type "hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir C:\srcds" after u do this it will take about 1 to 4 hours depending on your internet speed. You can also get all this info in the "tutorials" part of the website i just thought i tell you in a lil easyer way to understand Smile have any questions just ask
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i really have no clue what im doing
Just follow the tutorial step by step. It tells you what directories need to be created. How to download hldsupdatetool.bin. How to use the hldsupdatetool. Everything is explained step by step, I had no understanging of how to do any of this. I followed the step by step, and i have had a server running for almost a year now.

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