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my server is laggy
how can I stop this lag on my server?

I got a Pentium 4 3.0Ghz
it's a home server
T1 internet connection

can some1 help me fix this problem?
Well it could be your rates but try this. It worked great for me when i had my windows SRCDS. alt-ctrl-del, windows task manager will come up. go to processes and find srcds.exe right click and change the priority to high or above normal. make sure to do it when theres no one in, or if there is some people in change the priority then change the map.
some1 gave me the rates from this site and I won't set the priority to high or above normal. Is there any other way to stop the lag?
why will you not set the priority. its either that or lag. and dont trust anyone elses rates, rates are set up for a specific servers ability's. everyones server is different.
the last 2 times I set the priority, I destroyed 2 processors doing that.
well then you did somethin else wrong. changing the priority did not destroy your processor. but ya its either lag or change the priority. oh ya or run your server on linux.
what are the rates on server for a T1 internet connection?
Dont say t1 connection. What matters is your upload speed. I have 1024 upload which is DSL. Someone could have the fastest t3 connection but with an upload speed of say 384KPBS and its gonna suck bawls when it comes to SRCDS. Dude im not kidding when i said changing the priority did not destroy your processor. Do you know what happens when you change the priority of somethin, sorry had to ask.
my upload speed 1.5mbps and not right off hand I don't know.
Well i would highly suggest changing the priority. If it melts ur processor ill buy you an athlon fx-60 with a watercool kit. For 1.5 mbps , now this isnt exact but a round about but,
sv_minrate 4000
sv_maxrate 9999
sv_minupdaterate 33
sv_maxupdaterate 33
sv_minupdaterate and sv_maxupdaterate need to be equalto your tickrate so substitute the 33 with your own.
Sorry bout double post mods, but how much memory do you have i totally forgot to ask you. memory is a big factor in your server.
2gb ram and can u join my server and see if it lags to u
Oh nice, 2GB is most definetly plenty. Did you change the rates already? And have you tried changing the priority. When you look at the console how many FPS does it say you have?
I already changed the rate, change the priority and it says 110 FPS
OH damn thats really odd. Minimize the console. Open windows media player, keep it open. Open the console again and tell me wat FPS you have after.

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