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my server doesnt work
Ok, i opened ports on the router, its a belkin wired router, i disabled firewalls and made sure antivirus allowed it and all, i made sure it was internet, not lan, when i run srcds, it lets me join, but i cant see it on the master server list, then ip address is given to friends, they say its not responding.... any ideas?

{AoK} Æ
Your positive you gave them your external ip. sorry have to ask. You wont see your own server in the master list. The best way to tell if its posted is let it sit for about an hour, then go to and type in your IP and see if it shows up. If it did then its on the master list.
yea, i gave them my internal by mistake first, then external and didnt work... i tried the gametiger too... nothing up...
Are you absolutely postive you forwarded the ports for the right IP address. I know also in some routers port forward config page, there is an enable radio button you have to click before it will actually take effect.
by for the right ip adresss what do u mean.... i did the 27000-27015
1200-1200 27020-27039 i think... somin like that anywayz, idk about that other button ill go check

at the top it says activate worlds or somin, i can choose games up there i think

update.... theres somin in it for half life server, i add it, its for 27015-27015... but then i press apply and poof its gone....
Its better to add the ports yourself. You have to forward the ports for the internal ip address of your server in order for it to work. say ur server is ran from internal ip then you would have to forward all those ports for that specific IP.
umm i dont think i follow u... i forwarded the 3 steam ones.. my internal though, i dont think i forwarded... how do i do that? idk what ones it needs to forward

also, how do u start up srcds, i just double clicked the lil icon.... i heard i might have to do somin with run or somin...
Yeah u cant click on the srcds.exe icon it wont do anything. You have to use run. When you port forward anything it always asks for what IP you want to forward the ports on. You cant just open up 27015 and have it work. Where you type in the ports you need forwarded there should be a lil box for an IP address also. Thats where you type in your internal IP address of the server. If you want you can post a screenie of the port forward config page and I can show you how to fill it out.
how do u run it in run, that may be the problem, and ill post a screenshot tomorrow morning be4 i leave, im goin away for a week
thats not the problem. if you look under the tutorials section it tells you a basic command line to use in run to get the server started.

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