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Help Please
ok i got a server up and everything works but no one can join my server i do sv_lan 0 and it still says this is a lan server!!

can anyone tell me what to do to get a server online
Did u go thru the port forwarding process? You have to forward some ports for it to post itself online and have people join.
yes i have foworded all the right ports(i think)
Whats your ip?


It did not show on my list. What ports did you forward?
oh it wasnt up now it is
it keeps saying
Connection to Steam servers successful.
VAC secure mode is activated.
] sv_lan
"sv_lan" = "0"
- Server is a lan server ( no heartbeat, no authentication, no non-class C addresses )
try posting your startup line and your server config, don't forget to xxx out any passwords.
Dont post your server.cfg the only thing that would stop your server from posting is sv_lan 1. And u have it set to 0 already. 99.9% of the time when someones server it wont post, it's becuase of the portforwarding. Did you forward more then one port? If so list all the ports you forwarded TCP and UDP.
OK these are the ports i know it really is too much but i did all the ones i have seen people say u have to open so if they are wrong or some dont need to be there please tell me!

1200 udp
27000-27015 udp
27030-27039 tcp
27015-27015 tcp
27016-27020 tcp
27016-27019 udp
That is all the ports. Are u sure u clicked the enable radio button in the port forward configuration page.
umm.....where is this at?

in my router config or the portforward page
The portforward page should be in router config. But ya its in the router config. I dont know if your router has it, but i know most do. You type in the ports u need forwarded on the address u need like normal. But if u look right at the end, there is a radio button that says enable. You will need to click the button to enable the port forwarding.

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