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Custom Sounds Help - have files for viewing
O.K, I can't seem to get my custom sounds working....

I am able to see them when I go into the mani menu under sounds, but when I try to play one nothing happens.

I am also trying to set it up so when somebody types something, for example "dogs", it plays the dogs.mp3.

In mani_server.cfg, i do have autodownload sounds set to 1.

Instead of trying to explain what I already have done, i will give you the links to the files I am working with.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
That usually happens when you point to the wrong place of the sound file. Post your soundlist.txt file then post your sound dir, only the folder structure.
This is my soundlist.txt:

My sound files are in the admin_plugin subdirectory of the sound folder...If you go here you can see my folder structure:
Ok you need to take all the custom sounds out of your actionsoundlist.txt. Thats only for things like headshot, and multikill. Then delete all the entries out of your downloads.txt file. Make sure you have exec mani_server.cfg in your server.cfg. Inside of the mani_server.cfg you need to have mani_auto_download_sounds set to 1. Completely shut down your server then start it back up and join, see if the sounds download to your pc.
oK, I just did all that, and still no cigar. Sad
ok heres what u do. on your server u have to have the sounds as well.
Also u have to add this line to the server.cfg:


(there is a space between downloadurl and the url)

then you should be set.
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Thanks Bullet, and hexitnow, but it was a problem with the actual commandlist.txt coding. If anybody needs to figure out how to make sounds work, see the website I posted in my first topic for a working example.

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