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I have a regular 5000mb web server and I was wondering if I could just upload the srcds server files to this remote server and run a CSS server there? Thanks
Quote:I quote FGDN! | consider this: many web hosts use celeron/sempron/low-grade procs and serve hundreds of sites with these boxes. (a celeron box can handle more than a few hundred low traffic, static content sites) as soon as you start srcds and suck up processor all the websites will grind to a halt. they will get complaints and your server will be stopped.

now this is if you even get them to start your process which i highly doubt. however if you get it going more power to you!!!

So even if my website gets download speeds in excess of 1500 kbites per second I don't have a chance of this working?
Download really doesnt matter its the upload that matters.



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