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I have a skin for my admins on my server. I have been getting meny complaints of ppl saying they see the admins as big ERRORS. I think this is do to me not having them dl the skin to there computer. So my question is how do i have them dl the skin files they need. And what files would i have to have them download. Thanks Much Big Grin
What vers of mani do you have. I know in v1.0.0zh or w/e it is, i know its zh. But it has a cvar, i know its at the bottom of the mani_server.cfg, somethin like mani_skins_auto_download, u set that to 1, and add all the names of the resource files to admin_t.txt and admin_ct.txt, in the directory above is another text file and you add the names of the skins there. I hope i didnt confuse you, any questions feel free to ask.
Ok thanks ill take a look at that.

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