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hi guys,im a noob to running srcds,and i followed your instructions for the hldsupdate for windows.when i run srcds it puts up a server,i checked by booting up cs and checking server list.But i have no idea how to give my server a name or change the player limits or the mapcycle.In other words i dont know how to properly admin my server any help please?
First you need to make a server.cfg file, it contains all the settings for map time, round limit, starting money, hostname, and lots of other stuff. Pertaining to admin'ng your server i would check out
Make sure to read throught the documentation to familiarize yourself with mani's plugin.
Go to that website for help on creating the server.cfg, super easy point and click. Member here by the name of skeletor created this super handy utility. Hope that helped a bit.

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