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ok im tryin to get my DMZ to work, but when i do it i cant connect to steam... i think its because i have a static ip adress and its not the same as what im doing in the DMZ.. and i cant change the DMZ, just the last 3 numbers..
Post a screenshot of the DHCP server page on your router. Then post a screenshot of the DMZ page.
ill send you a pm of the screen shots cuz i dont want others to see it..
The screenies wouldn't provide any information that u couldnt easily find anywhere else. So u dont have to worry about that here. Can u post a pic of the DHCP Clients Table or is the server ip
[Image: router27bq.png]

[Image: router37tl.png]
I need to see the DHCP clients table, it lists all computers connected to the internet, their mac addresses, and their IPs, info like that. Or like it shows in the DMZ page, is ur server ip
yeah thats it. but thats not my static ip..

edit: weres the DHCP client table?
What do u have a static IP set up for. Is it something you set up yourself, or did u have to call ur ISP?
my ISP gave it to me
Ok your static IP doesnt have anything to do with your internal network IP's. Your ISP gave you a static IP so say that if your modems power went off you would still have the same IP when it booted back up....lucky, everytime i lose power I have to get a new IP. Go to the dmz page and type in in then click on the enable radio button. Save it, power down your router for about 5 secs. then boot it back up and lets see what happens.
then how can i tell if my server is actually working cuz when i type status it shows me my internal ip and i know others dont connect to my server with that..
post your ip and ill try to connect, or u can wait about 20-30 mins atleast, then try searching the ip at
well when i type status in the consol of the dedicated server it says
not that ip i need your external IP. That one is known as your interal ip. Go to and what does it say your ip is. its in the middle so its not hard to see.

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