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servedr.cfg question
hey i did not have a server.cfg in c:\srcds\cstrike\cfg\server.cfg, so i created one like the guide said but i have no idea what to put in it. i would also like to know what ports need to be forwarded for me to run a CSS server.if someone could tell me i would really appreciate it. thnx for your time
heres the ports page:
this next page, a member here by the name of skeletor, wrote a very handy HTML CSS server.cfg creator. All it is, is point and click, then copy and paste into server.cfg
Any more questions, post in here and I or someone else will be glad be to help you.
made sure if you running mani you add exec mani_server.cgf, you may need a few other exec's.
Nice CFG maker..... Could i use the CSS maker for DOD:S, and just change some and remove some, or do i need to add more?? Since the dods maker isnt finished yet....

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