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hey guys, my friends and i are new to setting up a srcds, bbut we did it, i took a comp with a 1.6 Ghz AMD athalon and 256 RAM directly connected it to a wireless router which my gaming compute is also connected to the cable modem. Obviously we need some more RAM and possibly a better processor. i can connect and its fine im at like 3 ping. and a coulple friends will connect at about 20 ping. My ping is constant but once we get the three of us in there theres starts to fluxuate from about 20 to 90 back and forth momentarily, but useally staying low. After 4 players have joined it goes to hell everyone is hitting like 200. We are just trying to set up a 10 man server. Is it the cable connnection? Is it the hardware? Also we are running it at 100 tic. Please any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
I would say that your problem isn't the ram, I ran roughly the same config for ahwile and pings were fine for 8 slots. How much upload bandwidth do you have? Also, you will probably be better off at 66 or lower tick. Wireless should be ok, but a direct wired connection is always better if possible. So, if your upload bandwidth is 768k or higher, I would have to say that you need to lower tickrate for your computer to handle 10 slots.
it is directly connected by ethernet to a port on the wireless router along with my computer next to it. So my computer and the server are not wireless connections they are direct. Im testing my upload bandwith and i'll get back to u on that. thanks for the help so far. aslo we plan on hooking a gig or RAM up soon
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ok, on my gaming comp im getting 415Kbps upload and 8.26 Mbps download off this site id ont know if i can trust that cuz the download time seems way too fast. other sites said 2.55 Mbps. i can't test the server comp cuz the test is just a red X on that site? any tips on testing its upload bandwidth?

the only other things besides srcds running on the server is a vent server, fpsbooster, and batch files to restart the vent and srcds if they crash

I usually use this site.......
(it isn't just for dsl)

I am not that familiar with the bandwidth requirements for vent, but I would try to only run srcds on that hardware config. If it is really 415k up, I would probably only run 8 slot or less and 33 tic.
k the site u gave me said 349 up
It's your rates settings. When you play type in net_graph 3 in the console, and does it say your having choke. Post your server.cfg file also, well just the rates section.

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