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Updated server.
Guess who???
Hey guys I finally got my server the way I wanted it, but I updated it cuz of the fixes. Now everything is back to the way it was... except now I have a full house lol. Just wonderin' if any1 has same probs. Like I'm not admin no more and there are no quake or my custom sounds??? But all of the configs are still the same.
Thank you.
Well, quake and admin could be tied into Mani admin, so check to see that your server has exec mani_server.cfg in it. If it does, then look through mani settings to make sure that you are an admin and the quake settings are on.
Yeh all that is the same. I contacted BranZone to have them fix it. I thank you for your help.
What happened was the new HL2DM update broke the manimod lol. Now you we have to wait for a patch to fix it.
Valve did a great job with yesterdays DM update Rolleyes

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