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Not having msdos prompt?
Hey, i cant get the serch feature to work as it just returns a white box, so ill ask, currently im hosting a hl2:gmod server and i/fellow admins tend to accidently get ourselves banned due to forgetting to rcon login before using commands, and its a real pain unbanning people from the msdos prompt as im not sure if you can other than server restart, however the nice steam srcds.exe has a list of all baned and removing them is very easy, is it possible to get this graphical version running without steam?.
Well one easy way to get yourselves unban is to use hlsw.


? some sort of plug for your site ._O,

my current method for unbanning is to reban the person who was banned but use a duration of 1 min, however this doesnt allways seem to work,and is it me or do ban records get wiped if the server gets restarted? which is good for the admins however bad for the people i have banned, currently i just manually write there steam id`s down and add them to the server start files.
If they are banned, their steam id or ip should be in the following files in the cstrike\cfg folder banned_user.cfg and banned_ip.cfg
HLSW is pretty easy to use if that is an option. You can remotely unban people...other things too. In console (if you have mani installed) ma_unban "STEAM ID" or remotely rcon ma_unban "STEAM ID"

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