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VAC port conflict [1.6+SRC]
Hi guys,

I'm now running both cs1.6 and cs:source server, the source server is unable to connect to VAC server when I start both server together. However, wehn I close 1.6 server everything works fine. I just want to know how to solve this problem. I mean changing the VAC on 1.6 server misght solve my problem, but I don't know how to do it.

Currently 1.6 server is running on port 27017 and source is running on 27016. I've tried to change 1.6 prot to 27018 but the problem still occurs.

Please help
I got similar problem, with two Source servers on same machine. Once I close the other (private) server, the other is suddenly secured.

I'm quite sure this is some minor network problem. But how to solve it? Is VAC so stupid, it'll understand only 1 IP at a time? "There can't be another server behind this IP!"...

Or is there some neat way to tell VAC that this and this server would be listening to you in this and this port?
Actually, this was working before. I'm having 2 source servers running at the same time, and the secure system still working. However, I don't know what is going on right now. I'll try running 2 soruce servers again and see if I'll have the same problem or not. If yes, then these is something worng with internal Dedicated server engine.
Well, how's it going on in there? I can't risk starting up that second server on one box, if it'll might end up the actual public server to lose it's VAC secure status... So some solution or explanation might be handy.
Ahh, I've checked it already. It seems that there is no problem when running 2 source svs at the same time. However, when running any source sv with 1.6 sv. All the VAC system in source servers will stop working only one VAC left for 1.6.

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