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Help w/ custom sounds please.
Hello again,
Quick ?. I own a HL2 dedicated server and I am currently running the mani-quake mod. Say I want to change around some of the sounds and add my own Wavs how would I do that. For example... Say I wanted "Humiliation" to say "You got knocked the <bleep> out". I have that WAV file from the movie "Friday" and I'm just wondering if their is a way to replace "Humiliation" w/ that? Any help would be greatly aapreciated. Thanx.
In your quakesoundlist.txt file, change this.
"humiliation" quake/friday.mp3
Assuming your name of the .mp3 is friday. but ya there ya go.
Thank you. I was assuming it was that easy, but I don't like messin' w/ things w/o knowing. Thank you very much.
Well it isnt working. I can see it d/l everytime when map changes, but its not making sound + it should not d/l every time. I changed the name in the quake sound list. Does the new MP3 need a ztmp. file? Because all of the custom quake sounds have 1. And if so how do I make one? Thanx again hexitnow you have been very helpful. Do I change the "humiliation" to "Friday" as well as change it to quake/friday.mp3?
No you leave humiliation the way it is. That's just so when someone gets stabbed it knows which sound to play. What is the exact name of the .mp3 you are trying to add?
ok so in the quakesoundlist.txt file it should look like this.
"humiliation" quake/bangin.mp3
Make sure that the .mp3 is in the quake folder. You can scoot quake closer i just like to space things apart to make em' easier read. If u wanna post your ip i can join the server and let u stab me to see what happens. I dont know if i can join right now tho, my gf and I are leaving. But later i can help you out if u want. my yahoo is the same name.
Server I.P.
Wow. Thank you I would like that being new to the whole server thing w/ not a lot of members to help. I actually put this mp3 for the firstblood file. But I know that should not make a difference. Cool bro hope to see you on when you get a chance. Come say hi to us on my site as well if you want.
Yeah that wont make a difference it should look like this then
"firstblood" quake/bangin.mp3
Failed to load sound "quake\bangin.mp3", file probably missing from disk/repository

is what it says in the game???
You added the bangin.mp3 to the srcds directory so it will download to clients right?
Well now I don't get the error and I can hear it but no1 else can.Sad
Add it to your downloads.txt in the mani folder.


// Add any files you wish to have downloaded to a clients system in here
// The key can be any name you wish.
// The value must be the location on your server of the file

// "my_file" "materials/decals/custom/mani_admin_plugin/mani_logo.vmt"
"bangin" "quake/bangin.mp3"

Like this??? Thanx for your help.
No do not do that. If you do it like that it will make the client download that file every single time they connect, or atleast thats what happened in my experience. As long as you have quake sounds on and have it in the quakesoundslist.txt file it will download. You just have to make it point to the right place, otherwise u get the error, not on the disk repository or somethin like that. Make sure all the stuff is enabled,put the .mp3 in the quake folder, not on your machine, but the machine the server is ran from. Then all you have to do is change the quakesoundlist.txt file.

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