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Problems restarting srcds.exe using monitoring app.
Hey all,

ive recently started a Gmod dedicated server(hl2) and though the server works perfect, as everyone knows gmod isnt the most stable mod and crashing occours very regularly, which is a big problem if im not at the pc regularly as sometimes the server can be down for 8hrs, so i searched lots of forums and lots of threads and found a application called 'server doc', which is perfect, if my srcds.exe crashes with an error its very quickly restarts it with no fuss, however it doesnt detect when the application freezes and uses up all remaining cpu, and this has happened 2 times in the past week and i was wondering if anyone knew of any methods to shut the program down if it does this or perhaps another server monitoring application that supports all of this.
Have you tried ServerChecker? I think it will do it.
hey, i havent tried it but i looked at a few sites, and doesnt seem to be what im after assuming i was looking at the correct app, first off its 600$ and it only checks every 15mins so i guess thats designed for web servers, im after something that will check in the 5-10 seconds range. thanks anyways.
google >> serverchecker

(tip: it's the first hit and it's opensource)
[Image: banner.gif]

hey, thanks a load, just the program i was looking for Smile i can now run both apps at the same time Big Grin.

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