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99% CPU Usage at mapchange
Hello all,

I've got a question regarding my CS:Source Server. When I start my srcds with, e.g. de_dust2, and change afterwards to de_nuke, the server needs about 10 seconds before the map is completely loaded. In this time, the cpu usage is very high. In other words, the srcds takes up all power, so CPU usage goes up to 99 percent. In this time the server is also not reachable.

When I change to nuke again after this delay the mapchange is very fast, about three or two seconds maybe.

So my question: Is this normal? Do some maps just take some time to get loaded? Have you experienced a similar behaviour?

It's very annoying because all other services are affected as well while the mapchange, like hlds.

Thanks in advance!
This is normal, the faster server you have, the faster the map changes.

Your server is probably not capable enough to run more than 1 heavy process.
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