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Very weird error
Ok, yesterday (June 9th) SRCDS was working fine. Now today whenever I try to run steam i get this:

********@woop [/woop/woop/woop/woop]# ./steam
Checking bootstrapper version ...

Name: NonNullFilePath
Expr: !sFile.empty()
Line: 334
File: ../../../Common/Misc/FileUtil.cpp
Aborted (core dumped)

I dont know what I did. Any needed info, just ask.
delete evey file in STEAM. (Where taling steam not SRCDS right)
Leave all the folders in the steam folder. Also leave steam.exe in there. The base steam dir will now look like this.

That should allow steam to start. That is if you mean steam not SRCDS.exe

If thats SRCDS then you should be able to delete
all the MDMP files
rerun your HldsUpdateTool.exe for the games installed. (Backup CFG's)
then you'll have to resetup MetaMod or any file that it overwrote saying that it difered from the main copy.
Ops, Forgot to cap the D in my name.
Could one of you admins fix that for me.

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