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I just began using Linux, so I don't know a whole lot about it yet. With Windows, I created a .bat file and put that on my desktop to use to start my server. Is there a way to do something like this with Linux?
yeah its called screen i believe, google it.
in linux it's called an .sh file, so would be the file name then you do prompt>>./ to run it. and yes screen is the way to go else when you log out of your session the server stops.
you infact dont need to use screen, use an sh file, and when you execute the sh file from ssh start it like this

./ &

the ambersand(&) makes it run in the background, thus when you close your session the server stays up Smile
install screen
it will backgounding it anytime, and if you need you can reopen the backgrounded process again. with & command you background it and when ever you close the terminal it will close too.
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Sorry for bumping an old topic, but Im back using Linux again (Ubuntu) and have some more questions. Can someone explain to me how to install screen or give a how-to install it. I tried googling it but only got resolution problems/fixes which is not what i want. I also have some general linux questions, so if someone can help me with those, let me know and I will PM or email you with the questions.


i don't use ubuntu but it didn't take me long to google it:

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