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Getting back to console
Well, I have installed the Counter-Strike: Source server, and it runs perfectly.

I have put it, so that the CSS server starts at boot up. The command it uses is as below.

./srcds_run -console -game cstrike +map cs_assault +maxplayers 12 -autoupdate +ip &

I end the command with a "&" so that I get a new line and can quit my terminal session without closing the server.

If i open a teminal session, and start the server with the above command, and then quits. How do I then:


When I log on again at a later time, how do I get back in the console to see what is going on, on my server ?, or is it simply not possible ?

If you start it that way, I don't think you can. Look into a program called "screen". That's what most people use to reattach to the server's console.

Cool, I will try finding that tool.

Because it's anoying me, that I can't use the console on the server. ex. to remove or change sv_password.

Because on RCON you can only change password, not disable it.

DAMN a little more infor would be nice..

I have tried looking for this "screen" tool, even on google. It wonders me why there is no info to find on this. Is it not a CSS tool, or is it a Linux thing ?

It's not specific to CSS or srcds. It's a regular Linux program.

This appears to be it's page:
screen is a linux thing, just type screen from the console, either it will just go back to a prompt (which is a different screen) or say you don't have it installed. if it goes back to the prompt start your css server then when you want to disconnect do "ctrl a d" to disconnect. when you want to reconnect type "screen -r" you can also type "screen --help" for (naming the screen(s) if you open more than one etc). if you google for "linux screen" you will see a lot of pages come up.

good luck!
Thanx I got it working, but my debian linux version didn't have screen installed..

Used the commando's

apt-cache search screen

Then found the tool, and installed using

apt-get install screen

Well for all you linux guru's this is basic knowledge, but anyway, now if anothe noob like me have the same problem, then here is the answer.

$man screen

Will give you a run down of options for screen
screen -S testserver -d -m ./srcds_run -game balbla etc etc

will start your server in background

screen -r testserver

will open again your started server


will detach again the opened server

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