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VAC is not running ?
Having issues with HL2MP mode for HL2. Our provider has advised us that the -insecure is not on the command line, and the installation of HL2MP via the update tool did install correctly, but VAC refuses to start on the server for HL2MP mode. VAC works just fine, on the same server, with CS:S and DoD:S, but not HL2MP. Any ideas???
We have the same problem sometimes with our DM servers. The only solution I can find is to restart SRCDS over and over until VAC is enabled Sad
Its when VAC crashes. Its been hapening alot lately.
Type "status"
and see if it says like
"VAC Secure mode enabled"
"SERVER VERTION" (VAC enabled but cant connect to server)
So if you get that as soon as VAC comes back up you'll be secure.
Personaly I think there running a hacker trap.
Ops, Forgot to cap the D in my name.
Could one of you admins fix that for me.

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