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Not in master server list
I finally set up my dedicated server, but I can't get it to show up in the Steam browser. I forwarded my port correctly (27015) because friends can join if i give them the ip and they add to favorites. I tried adding +ip ***.***.***.*** to my startup, but then it says it cannot allocate udp port. I really need the server to show up in the steam browser, since thats the only way anyone will go to it pretty much. What can i do?

It has also been up and running for about an hour and a half now, and doesn't show up in Something is strange here...
I could wait for hexitnow to reply with "do you know what a IP address is?" or I could help you myself...

If your friends can join from the internet then its setup correctly, as long as your server says its connected to the steam servers when you start it then your server will be in the actual list.

If your using game tiger be sure to add the :port at the end otherwise it will say not found, or just use a dns hostname which it doesnt need a port for.
Infact you dont even need to put the port on the end to query your server at gametiger. Just the ip is fine. After your server has been on for say an hour and a half, does it ever say bad challenge then an ip in the console? And when you say "friends can join" you mean outside you network right?
Yes, i beleive i have seen that "bad challenge" in the console. ANd yes, people outside my netowrk can join, but only if they have the IP.
Well, some routers won't let YOU see it in the server list


I know they won't, but people outside my network have looked for it, and they can't see it. Also, its not showing up on gametiger. at all. I have a second router here, I might try switching to that one just to see. Allthough then I'd have to change a bunch of settings. The router I'm using is a Linksys, and the one I have available to switch to is a NetGear. Any better luck with either around here?
Has anyone ever joined that you HAVE NOT given the ip too? You should post the IP to your server also.
Only 2 people have joined that I don't know, over the last 3 days. the ip is The name is:

GunGame Mod | -=SxaC=- Styx and Children

Earlier today I changed to that NetGear router, and It showed up in gametiger and steam right away. but then I had to change something in the server CFG, and as soon as I restarted the server, it went away.
Also, I don't beleive it is a port issue, as I made the server DMZ today just to check, and it still didnt work.

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