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in desperate need of assistance
ive opened the ports, ive killed my firewalls, ive even done the 27016 instead of 15... i dont get it, my cpu is a retard.. will someone please help me!

oh and the problem is my server wont work, people cant get into it...

ur desperate and needy friend
A few people recommend openeing different ports in different threads, id search a few threads for ports people recommend to open and try them. I assume your server is behind a router as your opening ports, see if your router has DMZ support and if so forward it to your servers ip address, that way you dont need any custom port forward setups.

Try the basics first
I know some router and modem setups require you to forward the ports in both the router and the modem, im talkin like maybe 3. Mine is one of the few I've heard of. What kind of modem do you have?
its a belkin, not wireless, idk the exact number of it, it told me to open 3 ports, 27000-27015, 1200-1200, and 27020-27039 i think...

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