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ports and server problems
when i put my game up, my friends cant see it on the list or in favorites by me gviing them the ip.... my friend told me i may have to open ports, i have a cable modem and a router downstairs...

could anyone help me and give me a tutorial on how to make it run?
and could u possibly do it in as great deapth as possible, im a lil new at this, thank you
are you using any firewalls ? the build in windows xp firewall for example ?
i disabled the firewall, and im on 2000 professional
What u need to do is forward the ports for the server.
That link shows what ports u need to forward. If you are unsure on how to forward the ports go to and lookup your router. They have some decent TUT's there. If u still cant get it then post back here, there are many people here who are willing to walk u thru it and help u out.

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