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Hosting a server on External IP
Sorry to post this again ive searched everywhere on this site and no threads are of any help to me.

Heres my setup, ive got 2 computers (me and my server) behind my router, my external ip is static.

I added my external ip under the server (windows server 2003) under advanced so it has both ip's on it. If i use the LAN ip, it can connect to the steam servers, im guessing this is for the server list. However no1 from the internet can connect obviously.

If I use the external ip it will load, but cannot connect to the steam servers to add to the list, nor can I join it from my lan, either using the external ip or its internal one.

The server box is also DMZ so port forwarding isnt an issue to it.

Anyone had this problem before?
Well i think you might be kind of confused on the difference between external and internal ips. Your external ip is the one that anyone outside your lan would use to connect to it, you can find that by going to Your internal ip is what YOU would use to connect to your server. When you start your server it tells you what the internal ip is, or u can type status in the console to retrieve it. your not going to use your external ip for anything on your side, not for port forwarding, or for connecting. For both of those you have to use the internal ip that the box is ran from. I hope this clears it up a lil. Ask any ques. if u got more.
err.. i know the difference between internal and external ips...

ok so I run the server from its internal ip 192.168etc and it connects to the steam servers fine, but it only shows up as a lan game, even with lan set to 0 in the cstrike cfg.

Also when it runs like that it doesnt show up in the list and people cant connect from outside the local network.
Well if youre sure you know what the difference is then you will have no problem forwarding the ports for the server. Forward the correct ports then people can connect.
Read my post again and it says the server is DMZ host, if you dont know what that means try google.

Anyone else have any ideas?
dont worry sorted.
Well u obviously didnt DMZ the right host otherwise you wouldnt have started this post in the first place.
Man your a clown, go back to school and pretend your a I.T expert to all the children, cause you just look like an idiot here.

All I needed to know is that you use the internal ip address, not the external, and it doesnt show up on the master list from inside the local network. I had it right the first time just took awhile to work it out as I didnt have anyone to test it for me outside of my local network.

But follow around the other threads that you have no idea about with your token "forward the ports" and "do you know what a external ip" is responses thinking your a guru.

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