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ok, to start off when I run a driveable map (the dune buggy or airboat) with the standalone srcds (mod hl2mp), the dune buggys/airboats arnt in the map. when i make a 'create server' with sv_lan 0 in game, then the buggys/boats are there (proven because people connected and drove them with the 'create server'). so my question is, how do i make it so i can run a srcds standalone server with the dune buggy/ or artboat in the map? tks!
Well it sounds like your running your hl2dm SRCDS from inside the game, ie opening hl2dm and clicking creating server. That is not a good option. If your wanting to run a server your best bet would be too look under the tutorials section, download all the necessary files but instead of counter-strike source use hl2mp as the switch. Then start the server and try the map. The in game server "create a server" optin and GUI dedicated server are both very buggy and well, i wouldnt even use it to run a LAN game, but thats just me.
uhg you didnt get a word a said lol. here ill try and explain again: I have a standalone srcds that has 3 custom maps on it, 2 airboat maps (the airboat from hl2) and 1 dune buggy map (the dune buggy from hl2). when i run my standalone srcds and run these maps on the server, and when i get in game to the server, the airboats/dune buggys are not there at all. BUT when i make a 'create server' in-game, the airboats/dune buggys are in the map. So, my question is: How do I make it so those driveable airboat/dune buggy maps can be run on a standalone srcds with the airboats/dune buggys being in the map?

TY!!! Big Grin

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