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Forwarded ports,server doesnt show up on browser
Ok well ive been having this huge problem getting my server to show up on the browser. Ok ive forwarded all the ports i need. (the pic of all the ports i forwarded are in the attachment look and see if i did them right)

Ok when i fun xfire and add my internal ip address to my favorites it works, with port 27015. but then when i get one of my friends to join the server it doesnt work.

I was wondering if it had to do with any of my configurations you could think of. Im seriously out of ideas.

Heres some more info
"sv_lan" = "0"
- Server is a lan server ( no heartbeat, no authentication, no non-class C addresses )
Adding master server
Adding master server
Connection to Steam servers successful
For me my server can show in LAN/Favorites for me not anyone else
Theres allso something strange when i do sv_region in my console it comes up as this

"sv_region" = "225" ( def. "-1" )
- The region of the world to report this server in.

What the heck is up with the -1!?!!?
need any more info pm me on msn messenger,

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before you start assuming your server isnt posting there is a lot of routers that wont allow you to see your own on the master list. to make sure let urs sit for atleast 15-20 mins, go to and do address search, search your external ip and if ur server shows then it posts on the master list.
ok thx Smile my server showed up on it so at least i know its working probably just something with my browser setup!

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