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A n00b question
Hey, I have a hl2mp server, and I was wondering how to make it Team Deathmatch instead of plain ol' Deathmatch. Can anyone help me out? Thanks a bunch Big Grin
by default mp_teamplay is set 0. change that to 1, and BAM knock it up another notch with teamplay.
what is the reason, if it still shows up under LAN as Deathmatch, even I changed it in the server.cfg to
mp_teamplay 1 (also tried mp_teamplay "1")
and of course, I restarted the server but it is always Deathmatch, not a Team DM ??
ok, i played long enough on my server for a mapchange, after that, a new game started in Lockdown and teamplay was automatically enabled!

seems as I have to restart the game one time so that the changes can take effect!

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