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false with SourceTV in LAN
hello all

Do you have anywhere a `howto` to the SourceTV for the lan? I become whatever I do everytime the same false in the console: `sourcetv is not active` however I`ve set -tv_enable 1 in the parameter! I didn't found anything about that on google or in forums.. I think it's only a small fault what I'm doing but I can't find it =(
I hope you can say me the specific command

best greetings from switzerland
PS: as attachments two screenshots about my errors and my complete confic-folder (in the .rarfile) I hope you can find out my false(s) with those printscreens

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in server.cfg

// sourceTV
tv_enable 1
tv_autorecord 0
tv_maxclients 16
tv_name SourceTV |
tv_delay 90
tv_port 27020
tv_maxrate 10000
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