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Kernel Frequency/Kernel Recompile

I'm running Debian 2.4.19-ac4 on my ServerMatrix 2.4ghz P4 with 1GB of ram. I know that to get my server side fps to go above 50, I need to change the kernel frequency. Problem is, after reading tons of 'tutorials' or walk throughs on upgrading the kernel in debian, I've spent countless hours rebuliding and reverting back to my old kernel. I'm not a complete linux nub, but I've never recompiled/compiled a new kernel before, it also doesn't help that its over putty. If anyone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

i recompiled my centos using the guide found here:

the kernels can be found at, when you get to "make oldconfig" step, one of the options will be kernel freq, just choose 1000hz and go defaults for the rest.

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