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After many years with windas in trying out fedora so be

Can you tell me how to create a desktop icon that runs my cs source server.

And can you advise me on how to make these server auto start on re-boot of the server.

Then Ive gotta work out how to set up ftp access to the servers..but thats prob a whole new post..

Any help would be greatfull...
Is this fedora box your only box? if so, you should probably stick to using just console, GUI will slow up your server. but if its not your only box, what window manager or desktop environment are you running, gnome? kde? fluxbox?

to start your server on reboot, i have written this:

To setup ftp access, install an ftpd such as proftpd. easiest way for giving access is to setup a homedir for each user, and auth for logging in to ftp will be their shell username and password
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If you're new to running ftp servers I would suggest you check out vsftpd. It comes with a very easy to configure basic config and can be expanded to include many robust security features, including LDAP/DB authentication if you're ever in the mood Wink

Also its very easy to setup wsftpd to allow chroot'ed user accounts; As cryo suggested.
Its amazing what you can learn in a day....

Thanks for the replys.
This is our only linux box atm..Im only trying it out cause the pings seem a bit better on linux for source. and we have been having a few issues with source on windows 2003.
Im using Gnome GUI ATM cause it seems friendly to understand as im a lowly windas
But I would like to use terminal as im quite familiar with it from earlier cobalt use.

Im trying to get to grips with vsftpd that ships with fedora and seem to be working out how to chroot the loging to the correct area ..Dont know if this is the one to use but it seems to work.

How do I stop the GUI loading on the server BTW if I just want to use ssh or does that not matter and is it best to remove the gui from the server or will disabling it suffice?

Thanks again for the pointers.I will try them out now. Im sure their will be more
phinkster Wrote:How do I stop the GUI loading on the server BTW if I just want to use ssh or does that not matter and is it best to remove the gui from the server or will disabling it suffice?

In Fedora to boot into a comand line user interface (non-graphical) you will need to edit the file: /etc/inittab

At present you will see the following:

You need to modify this to enter runlevel 3, like so:

Booting your server without a GUI will definately save you some system resources and clock cycles that should speed up your server.
Ah thats what thats lvl 5 n lvl 3 stuff is all about..Im getting to like linux

Cheers for that m8. Think Ive got it nearly sorted with your help. You are a star.

The only thing, I still seem to not be able to restrict the user to their ftp dir only. They cannot edit anything apart from their dir.but the can browser the directories above them.
Ive set directory browsing off in the vsftpd config..or so I believe..restarted it..and its still the same. I will sort it with time..

also can anyone advise on any security issues with running srcds in linux..Any pitfalls or stuff I need to mod. Or is it a safe as houses..

All the best
The first thing to check is that you have created a file to tell vsftpd which users should be locked in their chroot jail. To do that simply create a file:

touch /etc/vsftpd.chroot_list

Then simply add the users you want to the file. An example could be the following:


Then when those users login to your ftp server, presto they're restricted to their home dir.

As for security, the basics apply: Don't run srcds as root Smile

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