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Question with rates
Hey guys. I run a game server host and I currently run a WC3 server on it, but I cannot seem to master the whole rate phenomenon. It is running on a OC-192 connection, so basically it is "good". Its a 100 ticrate, WC3 v2.0.4 with MAP1.2betaN eventscripts 1.xxx16 and are the bandwidth settings for it:

sv_minrate 4000
sv_maxrate 25000
decalfrequency 10
sv_maxupdaterate 100
sv_minupdaterate 20

Honestly, I think these are good settings, but I wan't to make sure. Guess im paranoid, but if it is a 100 tickrate 20 man, it should be OK with them settings right? if you would like to see it. (98)

Thanks again everybody or anybody,
I can't stand them kids that constantly reply to their own topics saying "DOES ANYBODY KNOW HELP PLZ NOW PLZ", but I really do need some help on this. If anybody out there knows, please help a man out. Please :-D

OC-192.....Good?......Well, I would say slightly higher than that...SmileHow much of that bandwidth do you have?

Well, if you have that much bandwidth, your slowdown (if any) would probably be the server hardware, so I would say that your rate settings are good I believe that they are the maximum's anyway. Are you experiencing issues or just curious?
192's are used as backbones for the large ISPs ATT, MCI blah blah. from your ip/link it looks like you're in MPT (aka Mae West) in San Jose. 192's will terminate there but i don't think you are sitting right off of one. (i could be wrong but have never seen it) your ip resolves to, if you have one of their dedicated boxes on a 10Mb port your settings should be fine, like j.christy says, your server will be the bottleneck here.

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