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Quake sounds. Can see not hear???
I don't know what to do and this is getting very frustrating. I have the files in correct place I am able to enable or disable quake sounds and visuals but I cant hear them only see them like when I go on a killing spree.

Individual player setting for quake style sounds and visuals, 1 = on by default, 0 = off by default. Players can then type quake to
// alter whether they wish to hear and see quake style information

mani_player_settings_quake 0

I had this set to 1 then I had to manually type quake, but I still could only see and not hear???

// mani_quake_auto_download is a cvar to control whether quake sounds
// are auto downloaded to a client. If set to 0 you must provide your own .res files
// to initiate transfers to a client. If you change this value from 1 to 0 while the
// server is running you must restart your server.

mani_quake_auto_download 1

And I think this is right???
I dont want players to have to type quake. I just want them to auto hear it on my server.
Thank you.
Do you have exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg in your mani_server.cfg file. Changing mani_player_settings quake to 1 would change it so clients on entrance will hear quake sounds by default.
Is this where it is suppose to go. Thank you for the reply.

Moved Quake style sound settings to mani_quake_sounds.cfg
// So it MUST to be run from here.

exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg
In your mani_quake_sounds.cfg file have mani_quake_sounds set to 1. mani_player_settings set to 1, and mani_quake_auto_download also set to 1.
1. You need to have exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg in the mani_server.cfg file.
2. Make sure all the sounds are enabled in quake_soundlist.txt
3. Place all sound the files in the sound/quake folder. Or the folder you have pointed to in the soundlist.txt file.
// quakesoundlist.txt
// Place all your quake style sounds in this file
// All the sounds in here must an accompanying .res file
// for the maps you wish to use the sounds with. See
// the documentation or have a look at the example
// .res files in the file.
// This file can uses aliases to define
// the sound name, they should not be altered !!!
// The second part on each line is the location
// and name of the file itself. You can change
// this to be wherever you want.

"firstblood" quake/firstblood.mp3
"humiliation" quake/humiliation.mp3
"multikill" quake/multikill.mp3
"monsterkill" quake/monsterkill.mp3
"ultrakill" quake/ultrakill.mp3
"godlike" quake/godlike.mp3
"headshot" quake/headshot.mp3
"dominating" quake/dominating.mp3
"holyshit" quake/holyshit.mp3
"killingspree" quake/killingspree.mp3
"ludicrouskill" quake/ludicrouskill.mp3
"prepare" quake/prepare.mp3
"rampage" quake/rampage.mp3
"unstoppable" quake/unstoppable.mp3
"wickedsick" quake/wickedsick.mp3

So do I put the mani_quake server config file, the sound text file and the mani_server file inside the sound/quake folder???
Im so sorry dude i forgot to include the word sound, place all your sound files in the sound/quake folder.
Not a prob. bro you are only tryin to help. Ok all the Mp3s are in that file. What about the sound text file???
Thank you so much for your help.
the sound text file stays in the default folder it comes in,.......which is i believe to be, cfg/mani admin plugin/...But yeah. Hope i havent confused you so far. If we cant get this figured out ill post my mani_server.cfg file and mani_quake_sounds.cfg file.
Please post your files if u do not mind. I was already confused and u did not make it worse u are only helping and I thank you.
Here is the cstrike folder containing the cfg folder and mani admin plugin folder. Each holding their respective files. (mani_server.cfg - mani_quake_sounds.cfg - soundlist.txt) If u need any other files or anything else just ask. Everyones here to give advice.

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I got it. WooHoo! Thank you so very much for your help. I could not have done it w/o ya. Take care.
Hey no problem, glad I could help ya. Can one of u mods make this a sticky as it is brought up alot in the forums.
Well I got the sounds to work...I think... because I saw them download when I went on my server. After I started playing I tested the Mani Admin tool and the game "froze" and I got a Warning:Connection Problem. I tried this several times leaving, restarting server etc. Each time the same thing....any thoughts what could be causing it and how can I fix it? Thanks for all your help up until now!
Well thats not because of the mani admin plugin. I cant remember what exactly it was but it was some cl_delta files messing up or something. Next time it happens capture a screenshot with f5 and then google what the problem is.
One more ? if some1 could help please. For the quake sound humiliation. I have it set to when u kill some1 w/ a stunstick it will say "Humiliation". My ? is can u also use the same wav file for say the crowbar. So it will say "Humiliation" for both when kill some1. Thank you in advance.
Oh by the way, this is the best forums and most helpful forums I've ever seen. Thank you.

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